Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The day when India came to Canada

My husband, like most men, hates going for shopping in the mall. But when I was new in Canada, he wanted to take extra special care of me and take me to new places and experiences that I might not have seen in India. He told me that December 26 is Boxing Day and on this day, all malls will have major sales going on and we would go to check them out. I still remember that day so clearly. On that one day, it seemed that India had come to Canada.

Scene 1: Mall parking lot. Cars parked everywhere. In designated spots. In made-up spots. On the curb. There’s no place to park a car. People are fighting (politely – it’s Canada after all) over spots. It felt like home.  *happy tears*

Scene 2: Inside the mall. There are a million people in the mall! There’s very little empty space to walk. It feels very tight. It felt like home. *more happy tears*

 Scene 3: Inside a store. There is an item in the store that is listed for a ridiculously low price. Two people fight over who saw and picked it first. It felt like home. *snot, yikes*



  1. Hey IBCD! Congrats on starting up a blog

    Boxing Day...just thinking about going to a mall on that day and circling the parking lot to find a spot, then waiting in line after line to enter stores, try on clothes and then finally wait again to pay at the til....I think the older I get the less patience I have for it! Online shopping for me :)

  2. Thanks Anjali! Yes now even I avoid going to the mall on boxing day by all means!!

  3. Another hooray for online shopping. The funny thing is how all of boxing week is the same now!

    And IBCD girl, next time you think India comes to Canada for boxing day, think of the Mumbai local trains. :D